fade into nothing

by pill friends

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recorded end of august 2013 and produced by kyle pulley at headroom in philadelphia, pa.

drums - kyle schwander
bass - davis cook
guitar/vocals - ryan wilson

thanks to abby trunfio vocals on promethazine, klonopin, and samael, and for playing cello on the latter. also thanks to scotty leitch for guitar on samael and klonopin as well as reid maynard for playing keyboard on samael as well.

thanks to our family and friends who have supported us and for whoever listens as well and homie. <3 - pill friends


released April 15, 2014



all rights reserved


pill friends Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: samael
calling out to samael
cast from heaven without a hell
find yrself in another day
watch it waste away
into a past life
which you leave behind
i want to watch yr body glow
i want to see yr parents cry
i want to watch yr house burn down
i want to see yr parents laugh

in regret
losing touch
drowning out
sink into it all

fade into nothing
do drugs to stay young
cry fake tears for no one
drink christ's blood to feed yr hate
live yr life now
don't care at all
its all ending soon
but death will hold you tight
Track Name: promethazine
dip me in promethazine
i don't want to leave
watch me burn so slowly
in heaven im deceived

living in a failed life
looking for a way out
drown me in yr apathy
hold me in yr misery

persecute my children
their hanging on the wall
gratefully forgiven
as they take the fall

living in a failed life
not looking for a way out
drown me in promethazine
i dont want to leave
Track Name: klonopin
smoke the tar down in yr lungs
only feel to feel so numb
drown yr child in birthday cake
for he was happy then
tear the skin off of yr face
try and recognize its place
but even if it wasn't there
you still just shouldn't care

pretend that you are not alone
inside yr empty funeral home
dead inside like yr casket
i see you lying there
smoke the tar down in yr lungs
only feel to feel so numb

when i see you
i hope i can
fall asleep
and never wake up

tired of being awake
ill take all yr klonopin
crush them up so delicately
like the bones of my most loved enemy
and ill stab myself in the chest
wont be happy, wont be sad
but oh god its for the best
Track Name: pillspillspills
going out my own neighborhood
saying death is my only friend
so ill stare into the electric lights
that gladly blackout the night
and ill waste away
and ill try not to make a sound

ill eat my pills and fall asleep now

starring at yr blank walls
saying death is my only friend
so ill lie down on yr pretty floor
but i couldnt escape my own skin